Needy is not a Four Letter Word

It’s a five letter word.

Okay, but seriously…I often hear people use the word ‘needy’ in a negative way. Especially when combined with the word ‘too’. I have news for you. There is no such thing as “too needy”.

There is such a thing as “too needy” for a specific person. This does not reflect poorly on you, it simply indicates a potential incompatibility.

You and your needs are important, and we all have varying levels of need. There is nothing wrong with making sure your needs are met.

My Bartender is a Little

As many of you know, I am a little. It is fundamentally part of who I am, yet it has little to nothing to do with my sexuality. The lifestyle simply helped me put a word on what I already was, and find acceptance for it. Since being a little is not tied to my sexuality, I am very out about it. I will openly wear hairbow, watch cartoons, colour, and in general, act, well, little. Because of this, I seem to draw out “little” traits in those around me, as I create an atmosphere of acceptance.

Well, that atmosphere of acceptance has revealed that my favorite bartender is a little. I doubt she has a word for it yet, but the unmistakable traits are there. When we are together, our energy feeds off each other. Last night was one of those nights.

Being a small town bar, Wednesday nights are not very busy, and Phoenix and I deliberately avoid the more crowded times. As we sat at the bar eating our burgers and having a few beers, the bartender (I’ll call her Lily…name clearly changed to protect identities) was making a tutu for her daughter for Easter. I was already aware of Lily’s love of tutus as she wore one to work for St. Patrick’s day.

I thought a hot pink and black tutu would look great with my black tights and a black dinosaur shirt that I have, so I asked her if she could make me one. This led into me browsing tutus on Google images, and after two hours of getting very excited about all things shimmery, sparkly, shiny, and sheer, Lily was clearly excited by someone who shared her enthusiasm for tutus. At some point in the conversation she also told me that she loved My Little Pony, colouring (complete with descriptions of the colouring books she has), and glitter.

Now, the only thing that remains to be seen is whether Phoenix can handle two littles around, as he was completely unaware of what littles were until two months ago.