I am not broken, like some toy that no longer serves a purpose.
I am strong. Stronger than you will ever know.

Like a diamond, formed by pressure and pain, I am beautiful.
Like the diamond, I am strong.

But even strong people fall down.
Sometimes the step is a bit steeper than originally anticipated.
Sometimes, life drops a tiny twig in the path as I run.

The fall hurts, and when I fall I sit down and cry.
But I will get back up, stronger than before.

Will you be the one who walked away from the tears, or the one who gave me a helping hand up?


His Needs

He was drowning in thought and emotion.
Struggling to keep his head above water, too focused on surviving to cry out for help.

I watched him get lost, feeling around the depths of his own mind
Searching for the light

I reached out, pulled him from the sea of doubt
Raised a torch to light his way

He asked for escape
I let him get lost in me

He asked for pain
I left bruises

He needed my love
I loved him the best way I know how

His escape was about him
Not me

He is mine
His needs are mine

My hand, my light, my love
With these things he will always find his way home