Day 8: Find a kinky image that you find erotic. Why does it appeal to you?

Talllover64, friend and occasional guest blogger on this site, is also a photographer and produces some amazing images. He recently posted one on his FetLife profile. You can find the original image here. Maybe, if we ask nicely, he will allow me to post the photograph here as well.

Update: He has graciously allowed me to post the photograph. Many thanks.

The imagery in this photograph appeals to me for a number of reasons.

1) Although taken from the perspective of a submissive male, and intended to evoke the image of servitude, the image itself is by no means limited to submission. The viewer can see the subject of the photograph as either dominant or submissive, depending on their viewpoint.

2) I love the flowers with the cuffs. It evokes a contrast between sensuality and kink. An almost romanticization of what so many people limit to carnality.

3) Lighting and colours…as a fellow photographer, I love a good picture that combines so many elements so well.