Day 28: Do you have a specific manner of dress for BDSM/kink activities What significance does your attire have to you?

This is one of those questions for which I don’t really have a simple answer. I do not wear the stereotypical “fetish” wear. I can’t stand the smell of leather, and I cringe to think of what I would look like in latex.

On the other hand, I am a little. So I suppose some of my attire could be considered “kink” related. I am comfortable wearing most of it in vanilla public however. Some of these things include hairbows and sundresses. I also have a few one-piece pajamas/costumes – namely a minions one, and a wonder woman one (complete with cape).

For me, “little” attire is simply an outward signal to those around me of what headspace I am in. As I am also dominant, it is important to me to signal to my partner when I am more little than dominant.