His Needs

He was drowning in thought and emotion.
Struggling to keep his head above water, too focused on surviving to cry out for help.

I watched him get lost, feeling around the depths of his own mind
Searching for the light

I reached out, pulled him from the sea of doubt
Raised a torch to light his way

He asked for escape
I let him get lost in me

He asked for pain
I left bruises

He needed my love
I loved him the best way I know how

His escape was about him
Not me

He is mine
His needs are mine

My hand, my light, my love
With these things he will always find his way home

Needed Escape

I need to escape, to let my mind go somewhere else just for a little bit.

I feel you pulling the rope tighter, binding me in place. Keeping us both safe.

I am lost in my own world, and I don’t want to be. I can’t seem to find my way back to you through all the shit the world threw at me, all the uncertainty.

I feel the crack of your crop across my ass. Holy shit, I’m here. I’m present.

Another, on the other cheek. Holy fuck that hurt! But my mind starts to clear.

A third crack, next to the first. I dig my hips deeper and harder into the bed in a futile attempt to get away from the sting. My mind remembers that I have escaped the daily chaos, now I just have to survive the fallout.

A fourth, next to the second. The urge to stop you is great, but my mind is easing, knowing I’m loved, knowing there is still sanity in an insane world I cannot control.

The fifth right on top of the first, harder and sharper. “Holy fucking shit!” I exclaim.

I feel the soft caress of your hand, tracing the welts, as coherent thought and expression leaves me. I will be back, back to you, the safety of your arms. Just love me, please. I need that as much as I need the escape you offer. And thank you, as I escape this crazy world for a bit.