Needed Escape

I need to escape, to let my mind go somewhere else just for a little bit.

I feel you pulling the rope tighter, binding me in place. Keeping us both safe.

I am lost in my own world, and I don’t want to be. I can’t seem to find my way back to you through all the shit the world threw at me, all the uncertainty.

I feel the crack of your crop across my ass. Holy shit, I’m here. I’m present.

Another, on the other cheek. Holy fuck that hurt! But my mind starts to clear.

A third crack, next to the first. I dig my hips deeper and harder into the bed in a futile attempt to get away from the sting. My mind remembers that I have escaped the daily chaos, now I just have to survive the fallout.

A fourth, next to the second. The urge to stop you is great, but my mind is easing, knowing I’m loved, knowing there is still sanity in an insane world I cannot control.

The fifth right on top of the first, harder and sharper. “Holy fucking shit!” I exclaim.

I feel the soft caress of your hand, tracing the welts, as coherent thought and expression leaves me. I will be back, back to you, the safety of your arms. Just love me, please. I need that as much as I need the escape you offer. And thank you, as I escape this crazy world for a bit.