About Us

Writing an about section for two people who reject most standard labels is a difficult task. If our readers would like to know more about us, we suggest contacting us directly with questions, or reading our writings, as our opinions about identity, sexuality, labels, and D/s dynamics permeate most (if not all) of our essays.

We are both active on Fetlife. Some – though not all – of our posts may be found there as well as here. Clicking on our name below will redirect you to our Fetlife profile. You will need to be a member of that site to access the profile.

Malady is a 32 year old, non-binary, polyamorous dominant. She has a degree in history, and primarily writes non-fiction. She is also an editor for several independent authors.

Phoenix is a 44 year old, male, monogamous submissive. By trade, he is a machinist. He writes both fiction and non-fiction. He is currently working on a science fiction novel.